A downloadable game

A Roll 'n' Write, Print 'n' Play for 3-6 players.

Each player draws their very own Mech before rolling dice to power it up and throw down with friends.  All that's needed is two dice per player, a pen or pencil each and a copy of the Mech Design Document.

Or, if you think you'd like a more family friendly Mech fight then Rubbish Mechs is the game for you (it's the exact same game, just without the big and clever swearing - you can even use the same Mech Design Document).

Shitty Mechs is a fun and frantic game of rolling, fighting and swearing with friends.

If you have any questions, or want to get in touch, email us at ceri@the-spinel.com

Many thanks to Rory Mannix, Alice Mannix, Tony Hipwell, Paul Heaney, Dave White  & Christian Gindlesperger for your invaluable help with play testin' and rule readin'.


Shitty Mechs Rules.pdf 197 kB
Mech Design Document.pdf 260 kB
Rubbish Mechs Rules.pdf 196 kB

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